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Type of Organization: Corporation owned solely by Municipality of Tumbler Ridge.

Tenure: Long Term Community Forest License.

Volume: (Allowable Annual Cut): 43,490 m3/yr.

Area: 39,986 Ha

Partners: None

Organizational Structure: Municipally owned limited company. The Tumbler Ridge Community Forest has as of July 24, 2012 changed to a Corporation with the sole shareholder being the District of Tumbler Ridge.

Board Members: The board is made up of 7 members, one of which is the mayor or his designate. The other 6 members are appointed volunteers from the community.

about tumbler ridge forest


To be the model Community Forest in British Columbia.


To manage our Community Forest in an environmentally sound and ecologically sustainable manner providing direct benefits to the community such as economic diversification, employment, education, and recreation.


Tumbler Ridge applies for a Probationary Community Forest License Sept 2008.

Area based Forest License approved Jan 2011.

Corporation formed in Aug 2012 to manage the Community Forest.

Forest Stewardship Plan approved Sept 2012.

Board of Directors formed in summer 2012.

Formal request to expand the Community Forest area June 2013.

Developed company management policies.

Forest Manager hired to manage operational activities.

Geographic data and maps managed using GIS technologies.

October 2013 approved for a harvest uplift of 300,000m3 to salvage mountain pine beetle.

Working on expansion of Community Forest area with Government to increase size that supports an Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) to 35,500 m3/yr. AAC conifer and 2,000m3/yr. AAC deciduous volume.

August 2016 approval to expand forest license K2O area to accommodate an additional 15,500m3 of conifer and 2,000m3 of deciduous volume to license

December 2016 – Approved for a second uplift of 60,000m3 to salvage remaining pine beet

August 29 2022 – Pursuant to the authority delegated under Section 8(7)(a) of the Forest Act, the AAC for the TRCF Agreement is increased to 43,490 cubic meters per year. The area is expanded to 39,986 hectares.  This AAC is effective for ten years, starting September 1, 2022. A new AAC and management plan will be submitted one year in advance of the September 1, 2032 expiry.


Board of Directiors

Allan Kangas


Rob MacKay

Co Chair

Chris Norbury


Marsha Dufresne


contact information

Duncan McKellar RPF. Forest Operations Manager
Phone: (250)-964-2375
Email: dcmckellar@telus.net

2532 Kenney Court, Prince George,
B.C. Tumbler Ridge Community Forest

Address: 270 Southgate PO Box 523
Tumbler Ridge, B. C., V0C 2W0

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